Our Partners

ADCAN Pharma

ADCAN Pharma was established in alignment with the United Arab Emirates’ long-term strategic vision to invest in and construct a world-class healthcare infrastructure in the region. Leveraging state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced cutting-edge technology, ADCAN Pharma aims to become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, not only in the MENA region but also in other regulated markets worldwide.

Wadi El-Neel Benta (WNB)

WNB has emerged as a prominent figure in Egypt and the Middle East’s healthcare sector, renowned for its production of premium pharmaceuticals. The company’s steadfast commitment to safety and reliability resonates in every medicine they produce, earning them trust among individuals prioritizing quality and wellness in their healthcare decisions.

Pharco Pharmaceuticals

Pharco Pharmaceuticals was founded by Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy in 1983, headquartered in Egypt, stands as a leading pharmaceutical group in the MENA region. With eight companies dedicated to research, manufacturing, and distribution of generics and branded drugs, Pharco employs over 8,000 individuals and produces 750 million packs annually. Led by CEO Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy, Pharco provides affordable and safe pharmaceuticals globally.