Our Partners

Therapy Equipment LTD

Since its establishment in 1983, Therapy Equipment Limited has been a beacon of innovation in Suction and Oxygen Therapy products, earning recognition from healthcare professionals worldwide. Their unwavering focus on quality and exceptional customer service has distinguished them, leading to strong partnerships with organizations sharing their commitment to excellence in healthcare. As they move forward, Therapy Equipment remains committed to upholding the core values set by its founders, ensuring their position as the premier choice in the UK’s Suction and Oxygen Therapy market.

Königsee Implantate

Königsee Implants is a leading German medical technology company specializing in osteosynthesis. With over 30 years of experience, the company develops, produces, and distributes implants and instruments for traumatology and orthopedics. Their daily motivation revolves around developing and optimizing health-promoting products with the patient’s well-being in mind. With innovative products covering almost all bone sections, Königsee Implants actively contributes to shortening the healing process of fractures compared to conventional treatments, benefiting both clinics and patients.

GCE Healthcare

GCE Healthcare focuses deeply on top-notch medical gas equipment and accessories. Their expert team collaborates globally to craft innovative solutions for healthcare professionals, enhancing patient care across diverse settings. From gas regulators to hospital equipment, their range supports emergency, hospital, and homecare needs.

Ohio Medical

Ohio Medical provides the highest quality products and services in the respiratory, medical, and industrial gas/vacuum delivery systems markets. Their mission is to be recognized by customers as the most progressive enterprise in these fields, worldwide. Ohio Medical serves its customers with innovative, high-quality products while delivering outstanding service. They strive to understand customer needs, exceed expectations, and honour commitments with respect and integrity.

Von Gahlen

Von Gahlen is a leading manufacturer in the nuclear medicine industry, specializing in state-of-the-art lead shielding products. Its range includes standard and customized hot cells, along with auxiliary equipment for hot labs. Von Gahlen also provides radiation-shielded packaging for radiopharmaceuticals and lead components for various industries requiring radiation shielding. Its commitment to safety, reliability, and long-term partnerships is encapsulated in their motto “Von Gahlen For Sure,” ensuring customers can rely on their proven innovations, precise delivery, and exceptional service.