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We care for our customers !! Unimed has launched 800 UNIMED for customer support ...Unimed has implemented GPS fleet management for enhancing delivery lead time -


We are a British owned company, which offers a wide range of Medical Related Products.We were established in 1996, and have grown considerably over the years. We have  acquired a good reputation with many customers, especially relating to the quality of ours products, reliable delivery dates and very reasonable prices.

dtek sutures

Suture selection is dependent upon different factors like the anatomic site, the required suture characteristics and the surgeon's preference. D tek sutures are made of high initial tensile strength, guaranteed holding power through the critical wound healing period, with smooth passage though the tissue and ease of handling.



D- Vac

Demophorius Ltd, a dedicated supplier of medical products, welcomes you to read more about d-vac blood collection system. d-vac blood tubes are manufactured at one of the latest manufacturing facilities in the world.




Over the years our Demotek brand has proved to be one of the most reputable brands in the family of medical disposables. High quality of products, competitive prices, excellent customer service and International networks are the key features of Demotek success.

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